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Who We Are

Alamia Global is a digital marketing consultancy with highly skilled and experienced team members all over the world. Our aim is to empower small businesses, independent contractors, and freelancers with the know-how and tools to showcase and deliver the benefits of their local products and services to a global audience.

Our principle values are simple: We put Islamic ethics before profits and empowerment of others as the top priority.

What We Can Do for You

We understand the struggle of trying to balance performing your core activities and dealing with existing clients and projects while trying market your brand and sustain growth. Factor in the time it takes to learn and implement technology tools and you have a situation where your business’ market has taken an undeserved and dangerous backseat.

Our solution is to handle your digital marketing needs for you by providing you with sleek, mobile-responsive websites, designs, and sales and marketing solutions so that you can focus more the things which make you who you are. We look forward to being your business partner and helping you go global.

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Abdul-Karim Carl Ussery

Founder & CEO

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